LR Data, Continent 8 team up for gaming cybersecurity

September 26, 2017


TECHNOLOGY firm LR Data has partnered with Continent 8 Technologies, a global ICT firm with offices in Europe and North America, to provide end-to-end solutions in cybersecurity, particularly in the gaming segment.

“By partnering with Continent 8, we can exponentially grow our network across the global movement. As I mentioned, we are focusing on Asia, and Continent 8 focuses on Europe and North America. Together we have reciprocal services that are able to deliver end-to-end secured services to everything that needs data services,” John Cornejo, data chief technology at LR Data, said in a media briefing on Monday.

Cornejo stressed the merger would focus on the gaming enterprise as it requires more bandwidth and have lots of big pipes that could facilitate attacks or other malicious content.

“We develop an ecosytem that is fit for our first and foremost market–online gaming. Now, that we have built infrastructures for gaming, we have realized that gaming is one of the most demanding industries in the world,” Cornejo said.

“Banking systems, government facilities, military installations are actually demanding as well but not as demanding as gaming, especially in real time services and the types of attacks, the sophistication of the attacks. The largest volume of attacks [is]directed towards gaming–not in the global telco, not in a military facility, but on gaming institutions or enterprises,” Cornejo stressed.

“If it’s good for gaming, it’s good enough for everyone who requires data services,” he said.

LR Data is a gaming jurisdiction-neutral technology services provider in the Philippines and across Asia, while Continent 8 provides managed hosting solutions secured over a global private redundant network.

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