DigiPlus Interactive Corp. Changes Stock Symbol to “PLUS”

March 15, 2023

This is to inform all stockholders that DigiPlus Interactive Corp. (formerly DigiPlus Interactive Corporation) has changed its stock symbol from LR to PLUS effective immediately.

The new ticker was approved by PSE and is now reflected in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) Edge system.

Following the announcement of the change of name on March 7, 2023, DigiPlus now aligns its stock symbol with its new company name. This is part of all our efforts to create a stronger brand that will reflect the company’s growing ambitions beyond the traditional gaming market.

“This company has a long-standing history and had been known for being a traditional gaming company, but innately we are a company that keeps on innovating new products to bring new and diverse leisure and entertainment experience to the people in the country. BingoPlus is one of our success examples, and we hope that we will be able to replicate that success in our future products. Our hope is that within the next few years, DigiPlus will reach people in all the different regions nationwide, provide unique leisure and entertainment experience, and offer jobs to more talented individuals. That is what the “PLUS” in our brand means,” DigiPlus President Andy Tsui said.

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