BingoPlus’ mobile first approach reflects on its new logo and reveals new mascot design

April 29, 2022

BingoPlus’ new brand identity highlights mobility for online and offline use and the capability to maximize growth in a mobile first environment across multiple markets.

Manila, Philippines, April 27, 2022 – DigiPlus Interactive Corporation (DigiPlus Interactive Corporation) has updated the logo of its flagship online brand, BingoPlus, to meet today’s growing demand for mobile first environment that complements with different digital spaces. The new logo forgoes the mascot and change the font style to all-caps with three color palette options which are (1) bright colors (2) all white and (3) all back, for graphic flexibility. Without losing the essential nature of the original, the new BingoPlus logo represents the fun, lively and dynamic products of the brand.

The new logo has been conceptualized by BingoPlus’ internal team together with an external provider while safeguarding its brand values which upholds integrity, offers lots of fun, thrill and variety that remained evident in its new identity. The design process included detailed research, engaging internal stakeholders, testing, and validating the ideas. The new design with the vibrant colors and matching letters is an expression of a straightforward and easy text that read BINGO which connotes the enjoyment and thrill of the game. The word “PLUS” signifies the availability of other options in the product.

In addition, BingoPlus ensures that the new brand design met the requirements for both offline and online use and has the capability to maximize growth in a mobile first environment across multiple markets.

“The new look of BingoPlus is to maintain familiarity with a more up to date look and feel geared towards the vast variety of touch points that will make our presence felt online and offline. We are pleased about this change, and we can’t wait to see what it will bring forward,” says Andy Tsui, president of DigiPlus Interactive Corporation.

Apart from the new logo, BingoPlus also reveals its new mascot design that bears the BingoPlus initials, capital letters B and P, but is now a stand-alone design and is completely detached from the brand logo.

The new logo will go into effect in all markets by the 25th of April 2022. The transition period between April 2022 and June 2022 will see rollout continue for all communications, on-and offline, and for sponsorships and events.

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