BingoPlus Foundation to Sponsor iACADEMY Scholars

November 2, 2022

From left to right: iACADEMY Student Affairs Officer – Osas Mark Ibo, iACADEMY Scholarship Officer – Richen de Castro, iACADEMY Senior Manager – Anna Fernandez, DigiPlus Interactive Corporation President – Andy Tsui, BingoPlus Foundation Inc. Trustee – Jasper Vicencio, BingoPlus Foundation Inc. President – Christine Gabrieles, DigiPlus Interactive Corporation CFO – Wilfredo Pielago, DigiPlus Interactive Corporation Chief HR – Dominic Villanueva, BingoPlus VP of Branding – Felbin Soto

BingoPlus Foundation Inc., through its FutureSmart Scholarship 2022 Program, will be sponsoring a Php6 million scholarship to scholars of iACADEMY.

On November 2, 2022, the Foundation signed an agreement with iACADEMY to sponsor ten students for a total of Php6 million. The signing ceremony was held at the head office of DigiPlus Interactive Corporation (DigiPlus Interactive Corporation) located in Tektite Bldg. attended by representatives from both BingoPlus Foundation Inc. and iACADEMY.

The FutureSmart Scholarship 2022 Program is one of the most recent Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives of BingoPlus Foundation. The foundation believes that education and technology are of utmost importance in nation building and development. An educational institute that specializes in the field of information technology makes iACADEMY one of the perfect partner schools that aligns with the Foundation’s belief. Through the scholarship, the Foundation aims to help address some challenges faced by the educational sector, to provide better educational opportunities to the younger generation and to make its footprint in the building of a better society. As the President of DigiPlus Interactive Corporation, Andy Tsui, put it, “We wish to inspire and make dreams come true.” Jasper Vicencio, the President of BingoPlus and Trustee of BingoPlus Foundation Inc., adds, “We are truly honored to welcome iACADEMY as a new partner, and grateful to be given the opportunity to contribute to keeping students on the path towards a brighter future.”

The FutureSmart Scholarship 2022 Program will be launched in the current school year of iACADEMY with ten students of the institute as beneficiaries.

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