Investor Relations Program

We ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements of the Philippine Stock Exchange. Financial information and operating performance related to our mission and vision shall be made available to the investing public in a timely, accurate and consistent manner.

Nurturing Partnerships

DigiPlus Interactive Corporation Investor Relations Program

The objective of DigiPlus Interactive Corporation’s Investor Relations (IR) Program is to provide current and potential investors with accurate information about the company’s performance and expected future potential, manage the expectations of various stakeholders relative to DigiPlus Interactive Corporation’s performance and prospects.

DigiPlus Interactive Corporation’s IR Program also seeks to bridge the information disparity between management and the investment community.  We seek to have continuous and targeted communication with capital market professionals.   The focus will be with fund managers, pension funds, public and private investment funds as well as the stock brokers and their sales teams, and the analysts and their research teams.  The objective is for the investment community to have the necessary information to achieve a fair valuation of the company.

The goal of DigiPlus Interactive Corporation’s IR program is to enhance the value of the company relative to the financial market by providing information that all capital market participants can then make informed decisions about investing in DigiPlus Interactive Corporation.

DigiPlus Interactive Corporation communicates through the following means:

Company announcements

  • Disclosures with regulatory agencies
  • Press Releases



  • Meetings and site visits arranged by investors and analysts
  • Investment conferences arranged by investment bankers
  • Non-deal road shows
  • Results briefings


Company Websites

  • Corporate disclosures
  • Financial information
  • Operational information