Company Policies

We take pride in our role as stewards of good governance. Guided by our core values, we strive for excellence in all disciplines to achieve our common goals for our stakeholders and the entire organization.

Taking The Lead

Conflict of Interest Policy – All employees are prohibited from engaging in any activity, practice, conduct or any business which conflicts actually or potentially, with the interest of the Company, its subsidiaries or affiliates. An actual or potential conflict of interest arises when an employee, by virtue of his position in the company, can make a decision or influence a decision by another employee that can result in personal gain for that employee or for a relative at the expense of Company interest.

Insider Trading Policy – The objective of DigiPlus Interactive Corporation’s Insider Trading Policy is to have a statement in order to prevent the misuse of non-public insider information that may have a material effect on the price of DigiPlus Interactive Corporation’s stock as well as any highly confidential data and of a non-public matter regarding DigiPlus Interactive Corporation.  This policy statement will also include DigiPlus Interactive Corporation’s affiliates and all of its subsidiaries.

Related Party Transaction Policy – The objective of DigiPlus Interactive Corporation’s Related Party Transaction policy is to ensure that every Related Party Transaction is done in a manner that will protect DigiPlus Interactive Corporation from potential conflicts of interest that may arise between the Company and its Related Parties; and to ensure that there is a proper process to review, approve any disclosure of transactions between the Company and any of its Related Parties.  DigiPlus Interactive Corporation will always be in compliance with any legal and regulatory requirements.

Whistle Blowing Policy – DigiPlus Interactive Corporation is committed to conduct its business in accordance with the highest ethical business standards. As the Company undertakes to maintain a culture of good corporate governance by observing integrity in all their transactions, it expects that its directors, officers and employees perform their respective duties and responsibilities in a manner anchored to the tenets of truth, honesty, fairness, accountability and ethical behavior.

Policy and Data Relating to Health, Safety and Welfare of Employees